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Fine Art Print Credit

rchase any Fine Art Print from Lens Art and you will be awarded credit that can be redeemed for a free Fine Art Print of your choice.

The credit you receive will be 10% of the purchase price rounded up to the nearest 10p.

For example: You purchase a Large Fine Art Print for £59.99 (rounded up to £60) you will receive a credit of £6.

If you purchase a Large Fine Art Print that is on offer at 10% discount you will receive a credit of £5.40

Once your credit reaches £30 you will be eligible to receive a free Small Fine Art Print, £43 for a Medium Fine Art Print, or £60 for a Large Fine Art Print. 

Note that purchase prices are rounded up for the purposes of this offer. Credit can be used towards the cost of a full price print purchase at the end of the year (November and December), but will be issued as cashback to a Paypal account only, 30 days after purchase. Please contact us before making a purchase if you wish to make use of this option.

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