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KEEP CALM and customise your slate...

Welsh Slate 12" x 8" with unfinished edge

High Definition Printing

(includes stands for desktop presentation)


£26.99 (10% off) until midnight 7th Dec 2023

(free P&P in UK)

Terms & Conditions

The random image above is an example of what customers have chosen to print in the past, such as "drink tea" and "eat cake".

The top & bottom lines of text are measured at 1000 points with the second line at 500. If you choose longer words than show on the example then both the top and bottom line fonts may need to be resized - we recommend you keep your word choice short for best appearance.

Apologies but we do not have an automated preview, but if you would like an idea of what you have in mind will look like then do contact us via email and we can send you a low-res sample for you to look at before you place an order.

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Lens Art

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